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Fundamental and Technical Analysis Course in Delhi, India

Fundamental and technical analysis course in Delhi, India

In this article, we will learn how to trade in share market. Share trading happens to be the purchasing and selling of companies’ shares listed on the stock exchange with the intention of making a profit. In this kind of trading, one has to purchase and sell stocks via online platforms. It will be possible to purchase or sell mutual funds, share stocks, bonds, as well as other securities without any problem by making use of an online share market trading account. Here, there will be no need for you to take the help of any intermediate agent or broker.

What happens when a share is purchased?

Once you purchase a share, it implies that you begin to own a certain stake in the company. For instance, in case the company has already issued 2000 shares and an investor owns 200 shares, it implies that he actually owns a 10% stake in that company. It is also possible for the shareholders to vote on the important decisions of the business.

Although this might be beneficial for all those who regulate the larger portions of the shares of the company, the benefit of owning the share for a retail investor is obtained from their potential appreciation of price in the share markets. Investors make an attempt to profit from share trading by means of selling shares at a greater price as compared to the purchase cost. However, the question might arise regarding why share prices change in the share market.

How to figure out share prices?

In case you want to know how to learn share market trading in India, then this article is for you. It will be possible to figure out share prices by the supply and demand of the shares. An increased number of investors will assemble for owning the share of the company in case one expects the business to get better profits, and this will result in the increase of its price. In the same manner, any negative sentiment regarding the business will force investors to sell the shares, and the price will be brought down. Investors who are looking to get profits will either purchase and sell on an identical day or wait for some time prior to squaring it off. Next, we will see the difference between investing and trading.

What exactly is investing and trading in the share market?

The primary difference between investing and trading happens to be the duration for which the shares have to be held by you. You will purchase and sell shares in the short term in case you are trading, and on the other hand, investment implies holding onto shares for quite some time and liquidating them in the long term only.

It does not matter whether you are investing or trading in the share market, it is essential to make sensible decisions. Make certain that you are investing cash that you will not mind losing, and you should not bet on your life savings. You’ll come across strategies and guidelines which will allow you to remain focused when optimizing your possibilities of earning a profit; however, you are advised to be extremely cautious while investing or trading in the present share market.

How to learn option trading in India?

After going through the fundamental and technical analysis course, we have mentioned some ways to learn options trading right here.

Purchase books

Going through books will be the best thing to learn about option trading. You’ll come across various types of books and publications which are appropriate for beginners as well as experienced traders. Make sure to purchase a book whose language is simple so that you will not feel difficult to understand it.

Find a buddy for studying

It can become quite difficult when it comes to learning the share market. For this, it will be a good idea to take the help of a study buddy who will allow you to remain focused while pursuing the challenge, and vice versa. It will also be possible for you to share the prices of the books as well as other resources with your friend, thus saving a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Follow investors who are successful

Make sure to follow individuals who are already successful in the share market. Learn from their mistakes so that you do not commit them in the future. You can also learn the different strategies of trading by following some successful investors such as Elon Musk and Warren Buffet. Try to follow their advice and make sure to stick to it.


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