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Stock and Share Trading

Stock and share trading

A business can be of any scale- small or large depending upon the kind of investment you are willing to put. In the beginning, chances of failure or loss is bound to happen but with time and experience, it all gets sorted and you will get the knack of it. Share market and trading is one such lucrative business opportunity that involves high amount of risk, but still more and more are keen to dwell into this business for instant profits and benefits.

Shares v/s Stocks

For a layman, the terms are often misinterpreted and used interchangeably, but there are few major differences between the two. Stocks is a broader concept and it is defined a part of the ownership of one or more than one companies, however shares is a more specific term that means owning an ownership of a single company. Hence the distinction is always blurry. ICFM is one of the renowned Share Market Institutes in Delhi that offers short term certificate programs in shares as well as Stock Market Professional Courses. It can be said that shares are a unit of stock. In the business of stock or share market, there are mainly 2 participants, traders and investors, however there is one more category that plays a vital role in the entire business which is of broker. A broker is a registered authorised entity that trades on behalf of a trader.

Few trading tips for beginners

Often for beginners or freshers’ day trading is considered to the best and safest option. You will learn all basic and core concepts at the best Trading Classes in Delhi that provides for practical training than just theoretical learning. Some of the best trading strategies for beginners are as follows:

  • Day trading is profitable in long run only if you have immense knowledge and experience in the same
  • To do trading of any kind, you must be regularly updated with all stock market news, buying and selling of stocks or trades all depend on the market value fluctuation
  • Trade with only that much money that you can afford to lose as it is your hard-earned money and there is considerable amount of risk in investment and trading
  • Apart from money, it is also important to invest considerable amount of time in the business
  • Focus on one trade at a time
  • Don’t get emotional over the trades as both profits and losses are bound to happen in the business of trading
  • Always stick to the plan of action and don’t over trade or change strategies abruptly

These are a few strategies that a newcomer can easily adapt to, but most of the professional traders usually are efficient and effective in the trading strategies. There are basically certain aspects of the market that a trader looks for before buying or selling the assets. These includes liquidity, volatility and trading volume. When the market has high liquidity, it is favorable to buy stocks, while volatility is the measure of daily price range. When the stock volume is high, it indicates that the market is favorable for the traders and investors.

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