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Stock Market Courses in Delhi :

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Commerce students have lot of career options after doing 10+2. Chartered Accountancy is certainly the most sought after course. Some students go for CMA & CS also. As Indian Economy is expanding by leaps and bounds, stock market industry is also big absorber of fresh talent, hence stock market courses offer a good career opportunity to students. Earlier there were few institutes for stock market courses, but now a days, there are a number of institutes which offer quality stock market courses in Delhi. There are both Government Institutions as well as Private Institutions which offer stock market courses in Delhi.

Stock Market Courses offer you a dual advantage . First - Stock Market Courses offer you career opportunity, stock market courses offer you a gateway to stock market industry, stock market courses in a way work as a launch pad. Second - Stock market courses also groom you as a learned individual who knows about economy and industry. Stock market courses groom you as a smart individual who know how to grow his money. Stock Market Courses equip you with knowledge which you can use to capitalize upon to make money from the opportunities that exist in stock market.

So, stock market courses are really a good career choice. Stock Brokers also prefer candidates who have been through a certain training program. Stock market courses give you the eligibility criteria to apply for the quality jobs. Stock market courses are also a good value addition to courses of higher studies - like MBA , or CA, CMA or CFA. Go and join stock market courses in Delhi today @ ICFM.

Certified Pro Trader

Certified Pro Trader (CPT)

Certified Pro Trader is a program which grooms you into a Professional Trader. This program is designed particularly for people who want to take Professional Trading as a career.

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Certified Financial Market Professional

Certified Financial Market Professional (CFMP)

CFMP is a comprehensive program for people who want to have a career in financial market but not having knowledge that where to start from or how to make an entry into financial market.

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Certified Algo Trader

Certified ALGO Trader (CAT)

ALGO Trading is the latest and most advanced "Trading Methodology". ALGO Traders are minting money as they are able to execute multiple trades simultaneously which is not possible in manual trading. Trained ALGO Traders are in great demand and they command very good salaries. This course is dedicated to Professional ALGO Trading. We equip you with the tools and knowledge required to become a successful ALGO Trader.

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Certified Technical Analyst

Certified Technical Analyst (CTA)

Technical Analysis is the most read, most learnt and most applied thing in the financial market. Traders, Investors, News Channels all talk about the price movement/pattern of instruments and as a professional you need to have a solid understanding of charts.

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