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Certified Pro Trader (CPT)

Certified Pro Trader is a program which grooms you into a Professional Trader. This program is designed particularly for people who want to take Professional Stock Trading as a career.

Professional Trading has totally changed. Nowadays, it is about ALGO & High Frequency Trading. This program is much more and beyond the ordinary skills that most institutes teach you.

Certified Trading In International Market (CTIM)

ICFM delivers comprehensive training in Trading In International Markets. By virtue of tie up with overseas brokers, ICFM gives you training in Trading in US Markets : NYSE & NASDAQ, European Markets : LSE UK & XETRA Germany.

Trading in US Markets & European Markets has its advantages – You get to trade in world’s most reputed stocks . You also get a big advantage of exchange rate as you know 1 USD = Rs. 65 ( Approx) & 1 Euro = Rs. 70. After completing the course, you can explore career with Professional Trading Desks which are into trading in US & European Markets.

Certified Financial Market Professional (CFMP)

Professional Training + Assured Placement

CFMP Program equips you with solid working knowledge of all the major segments of financial market : Equity Market; Derivatives Market; Currency Market & Commodity Market. You learn Trading Mechanism, Risk Management, Fundamental & Technical Analysis. NCFM Certification/Modules from NSE.

At ICFM, Our training methodology is highly practical. You undergo an Internship with Leading Brokers and your placement is assured.

Certified Algo Trader (CAT)

Professional Training + Assured Placement

ALGO TRADING is done using advance software platform which enables you to execute your advance trading strategies ( Generally F & O Arbitrage Strategies ) which otherwise not possible in manual trading. ALGO TRADING is highly technologically driven.
At ICFM, You get live training at ALGO Trading Platforms. You get to implement advance FUTURE TO FUTURE ARBITRAGE , ADVANCE OPTIONS STRATEGIES - 2 Legs , 3 Legs & 4 Legs Strategies and DELTA HEDGING STRATEGIES using IMPLIED VOLATILITY.

Certified Technical Analyst (CTA)

Learn TA = Huge Profits

CTA Program is a comprehensive program just dedicated to “Technical Analysis.” At ICFM, you will make your way from basic tools and techniques of TA to advanced TA . Our approach is one of a trader, not one of a teacher. We give you subscription of popular TA software and Free Trading Account for Practice.