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Basic knowledge of trading in Laxmi Nagar, Nirman Vihar, Preet Vihar, Dilshad Garden, Delhi, India

Basic knowledge of trading in Laxmi Nagar

Everyone might have heard of the term stock exchange and trading, but there are not many people who have actively participated in the process. It is a simple yet intriguing money making process that is very similar to investment. There are different kinds of assets that are traded in the stock exchange market and for each one there are different trading platforms. Everyone interested in pursuing the business must have minimal or basic knowledge of trading in Laxmi Nagar and for those who don’t have basic knowledge of trading in Nirman Vihar, there is an ideal institute that institutes the basics. The academy is ICFM or Institute of Career in Financial Market. More than putting forth the basic knowledge of trading in Preet Vihar, the academy has a mission to teach interested candidates the dos and don’ts of the trading business so that one can incur more profit than loss.

Basic terminologies associated with trading

When it comes to basic knowledge of trading in Laxmi Nagar, an individual must be aware of following terms before engaging in the business of stock exchange or trading:

  • Assets – Assets are a collection of different securities which are held by a particular firm so that it can be used for exchanging or reselling for profit. Trading assets are basically current assets and their values are mentioned on the balance sheet as well


  • Share v/s stock – A share represents a unit of the company which is small whereas a stock is the collection of shares of a single company or different companies
  • Day trading – It is a trading process where assets are brought or sold within a single day i.e. before the market closes
  • Ask price – It is the amount for which the buyer is willing to sell his assets or share
  • Bid price – The maximum price for which a potential buyer is willing to purchase a share is called bid price
  • Liquidity – It is related to a stock and refers to the ability to purchase or sell as fast as possible. In a scenario, where there are many sellers and buyers, the stock will have high liquidity which will make entry and exit easy

There are many next level terms associated with the business of stock exchange but for a beginner, the above terms must be understood to have a basic knowledge of trading in Nirman Vihar. At ICFM, there are well experienced and expert tutors who help students in understanding the core of stock exchange business. Only willingness to engage in the business is required irrespective of the student’s academic background. To have a clear and precise basic knowledge of trading in Preet Vihar, the centre is apt as they offer different short-term courses for all level of students. There are online classes as well as materials available which will help students to understand the functionality of the stock market business. Like any kind of business, this too has its own share of risk factors, but you are familiar with the entire process, the chances will be pretty low.


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