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Share and Stock Market

Stock Market is a large growing domain that has many visitors to it. Stocks are company assets and stock market is a platform that holds multiple stocks of different companies. A trader may decide to buy or sell the stocks depending on the price and market trends. For a starter with no experience in the market may get many questions in the head as from how and where to start from, but all these queries are resolved by experienced tutors at ICFM. The school for trading business has many short-term courses ideal for candidates from different academic backgrounds as well. These courses can be easily availed by sitting at the comfort of home.

Difference Between Stocks and Shares

Often used interchangeably, but these are completely two different terms. Share is an asset that is part of the company. A shareholder owns certain percentage of company ownership. There can be public shares as well as private shares, where the former is listed on the stock market for trade purpose and the latter is not listed for trading. Stock is a much wider term and is not used for a specific company unlike share which is for particular company. There are many small-scale Share Market Franchises available today which makes it easy for traders to buy and sell the stocks or assets. Shares and stocks both are valuable company assets and determine the financial stability of the firm, hence while buying the same, one should be aware of the potentials of the firm as well.

Different Types of Analysis in Trading

A professional trader makes use of different strategies to ensure more profit than loss. At times, it works but at other times, these strategies may backfire as well. There are mainly two types of analysis usually carried out by a pro trader as follows:

  • Fundamental Analysis – This type of analysis takes into account factors like economy of the country, financial GDP and similar aspects to predict market trends and fluctuations
  • Technical Analysis – This on a contrary make use of technical and technological factors using different tools to predict future market fluctuation

Both kinds of analysis are useful for a trader but which one to use is specific to a specific trader. Every strategy might not work alike for every trader. ICFM conducts regular fundamental as well as Technical Analysis Workshop for beginners.

ICFM and its Trading Courses

ICFM is an out an out trading school that prepares students to be a pro trader dealing with stocks, shares and different financial assets. In comparison to other Stock Market Courses in Delhi fees, the institute charge less from students and also the classes are conducted in easy online manner. Students from any academic background can get themselves enrolled for the short-term certificate courses. There are classes for all levels of students- be it a beginner or a trader with some or minimum knowledge of the stream. Available courses at the institute includes the likes of:

  • Certified Pro Trader or CPT
  • Certified Trader in International Market or CTIM
  • Certified Algo Trader or CAT
  • Certified Financial Market Professional or CFMP
ICFM India
ICFM - Institute of Career In Financial Market is a market leader in the segment of Financial Market Education. It is a unit of Career Pro Ventures Limited, a diversified education corporate. At ICFM, We deliver the cutting edge training to people willing to make career in financial markets. Our programs are not ordinary "Run of the Mill" programs.

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