Career in Stock Market

Careers in Stock Market

All About Career in Financial Sector

All About Career in Financial Sector

A prosperous career is attained either through hard work or by luck. Stock market is one such arena that invites applicants for a bright future without any kind of screening formalities or educational qualifications.
To embark on the journey of stock, shares and trading, one needs to analyse every aspect of it and for that you need to approach a good reliable training centre. ICFM is a one stop destination for all trading solutions where one will be trained towards prosperous Careers in Stock Market.

Career in Financial Market

ICFM holds several short-term certificate courses that would help one in setting a Career in Share Market or financial sector. The tutors here understand the fact that a working professional might be hesitant to leave a full-fledged job for a risky affair like trading. The basics are taught from scratch and training proceeds on live trading platforms for better exposures. Some of the most popular job roles in financial sector are as follows:
* Stock market correction - when there is decline of 10-20 percent in the market index, it is called as stock market correction
*Jobs in Corporate finance sector - It has numerous opportunities including that of accountant, budget analyst, financial analyst etc
*Hob roles in commercial banks - You can be credit analyst, loan officer, mortgage banker, trust officer and many more
*Investment banks jobs which include the likes of analyst, banking associates
*Insurance based jobs like that of actuary, claim adjuster, clerk, sales agent etc.

Financial markets and their types

Financial markets are platforms offering opportunity to sell and buy assets or securities like bonds, stocks, forex, derivatives etc. Financial markets help in getting money for the investors or traders and every country must have at least one financial market for the same purpose. There are multiple types of financial markets are some of them are:
*Stock Market which holds shares are ownership of multiple public companies
*Bond Market that provides for an opportunity to govt. and companies to finance a particular project
*Commodities Market usually invest in natural resources and similar commodities
*Derivatives Market includes derivatives and contracts, the price of which depends on the traded asset or security

Financial Markets are a valuable asset to boost a country's economy and they help in utilizing the funds in the most productive manner. These markets help in making multiple assets more liquid and hence lowering the transactional costs to a great extent.

Is a career in financial sector worth it - Conclusion

For a beginner, it is a bit confusing to leave behind a well-paid job for something which seems lucrative but not definite or constant. If you have the niche for understanding the functionality of the sector, then there is no harm in choosing a career in the field as it is the most lucrative way of making money with least investment.

At ICFM, there are courses available for different levels of students, for instance stock market course for beginners, fundamental analysis course, quick trader course, options strategies course and many more. In the entire career range, there are multiple specialisations available like that of fundamental analyst, financial advisor etc. In India especially, there is no dearth of job opportunities under financial sector, but the condition is one need to be extra intelligent and fully aware of the strategies and techniques here.

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