Certificate in Equity Trading

Equity Trading is the foundation of your trading knowledge. We start from scratch and acquaint you with the basics of Stock Market, as to How to Trade, How to pick the stocks for trading.
You learn to operate the Trading Software, handling pay in and pay out of funds & Securities, risk management etc. You are able to interpret financial market news and relate it with your trading decisions. The whole objective of the course is to make you investment ready, to make you wise enough to take right decisions with respect to share market investment and related products available in the market.

What is the Course Coverage in Equity Trading Certificate?

  • The Primary and the Secondary Market
    Primary Market is the market where Securities of the Company are issued; it is the first step where the securities of the Company are made available to investors.
    We have often come through the terms; IPO’s (Initial Public Offer), FPO’s (Follow on Public Offer), OFS (Offer for sale) what are these terms and how investors participate in primary market to get the most out it.
    Secondary market on the other hand is the market where securities are traded after they are initially issued in the Primary Market. Candidates are prepared on How to trade the securities in this market with proper trading setup.
  • Index: The key Indicators of Market
    NIFTY and SENSEX are the two market indicators which are considered as the barometer of the market. Candidates are equipped with the calculations and use of these indices in equity trading.
  • Market Participants and Market Intermediary
    There are various participants in the market; Retail investors, Foreign Portfolio investors, Domestic Institutional Investors etc. How they participate in the market and why it is important to know that what they are doing are some of the questions which are important to know to be a successful trader in equity market.
  • Clearing and settlement system
    In exchange based trading the clearing and settlement system plays a very important role. It is through this system only that market integrity remains intact. For a trader in equity it is of much importance to know the clearing and settlement system so that he/she can structure the trade in an efficient manner.
  • The block and bulk deals
    In equity market it is common to see the announcement regarding bulk deal, block deal. What are these deals and how they affect the trading setup of a trader in the market; we answer these questions in this program.
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