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ALGO Trading

Algorithmic trading course as well as python algo trading course or executive program in algorithmic trading is based on algorithm which can be explained by Algo trader to its machine by using any machine language, set pattern of frame work and the use of application programming interface provided by the security broker afflicted by recognised stock exchange.
Becoming Algo trader now a days is a trending job in the industry.

Learning ALGO Trading Makes a Trader Future-Ready

Learning ALGO through algo trading classes is the ultra-instant and extremely hybrid form of trading in the current trading era. For more than a decade the familiarity with initiating multiple trades simultaneously ALGO trading has been precisely the most risk-free and result-specific trading style.

The Roles For an ALGO Expert Grow Exponentially (Rule Based Trading)

There is no dearth of success after getting well-versed with an in-demand market trading skill like Certified ALGO Trading backed by a genuine algo trading certification. Based on the hierarchy, we can find ALGO traders at the top of the game. Their approach to executing strategies and laying down plans for future events and outcomes makes them the boss of the game. The current scenario of marketing with the intimate interaction of online technology has become hyper-smart and hybrid. As such the role of ALGO traders to draw verticals of fortune in the market is a factual reality.

Exposure to Outperforming Trading Strategies

Before getting entirely privy to the ALGO trading advances aspirants have to ingrain in them the capacities to implement Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. After joining an algo trading course in delhi their task as ALGO traders is to make quick and absolute decisions by striking profitable or at least risk-proof Futures and Options trades. That is why learning the real gem of ALGO trading aspirants also dabble their feet in understanding these outperforming trading strategies.

Expert Traders With a Decades Plus Legacy Coach You

Now it is not easy to learn algorithmic trading with python on your own. It can be better learned in presence of proper tools or equipment and under the expert mentorship. So, there are real-life expert market traders who can better coach and train aspirants to toil smartly on the art of ALGO trading. Here in ICFM the coaches of ALGO trading rear a vast experience of years in this ultra-latest scoop of trading.

Cybrary Benefits

Aspirants are offered all the cut-above online tools and gadgets. They are offered access to a vast cybrary where they can learn and practice everything about python algorithmic trading course. This further trains them to get prepared for the market under real market situations san hitting any losses or losing any penny.

How to Become a Part of algo trading online classes by ICFM?

The process for following up to join us is quite simple. There are four easy steps to follow.

Our Process

  • Step 1 : You can visit our website just by typing in Google. There you can drop a message in the enquiry segment to share your interest in knowing the ALGO course details.
  • Step 2 : Based on an instant response mechanism you will get a call from our counsellors for meeting them. With a full-fledged session on ALGO trading, they in person make you aware of all the essential benefits and besets related to algo trading python course.
  • Step 3 : When your interest remains steadfast after getting fully briefed by our counsellors you get the chance to get interviewed by our company executives and management.
  • Step 4 : Right after the management has interviewed your skill; if finds suitable for your success in this profession, your application is accepted to join python algo trading course.
  • Step 5 : What remains in the last segment of the process is to pay a fair amount of fees before joining ALGO trading classes with the market-renowned and prominent faculty of ICFM.

Who Can Join?

The two key factors are really important
1) Your passion to stock market
2) How you are comfortable with technology.
  ♦ Someone who is interested in making a career as a Algo trader
  ♦ Someone who is interested to build his own automated Strategy
  ♦ It can be done by Finance, Banking, IT and other Professionals, Dealers, Arbitrageurs,
     Prop Traders, Retail Traders
  ♦ Who aspire to become Quant/Algo Traders and work for the trading teams of International Banks,
     Hedge Funds, Prop Desks of Brokers or

Anybody who is a part of the market and is interested in learning the most hybrid form of trading like executive program in algorithmic trading can join us. People from lower or higher qualification backgrounds can become a part of ALGO trading classes in ICFM. However, people who are in high school or have yet to finish their graduation degrees are required to clear an eligibility test.

100% Career Success

∅ Do get dream job in the growing FinTech Domain
∅ To become Quant Trader in financial services
∅ Open the gate for Quantitative analyst or data analyst
∅ Do develop a more data driven approach to Trading
∅ To set up ones own algo trading desk or consultancy firm
∅ To Develop your own system for trading to get financial freedom

Course Curriculum

• Fundamental of capital market
• Capital market , Equity ,Derivative � Understand all segment of capital market From Scratch and utilize
   this knowledge to make a robust trading system.
• Technical analysis - To use indicator into Algo trading system and use them to make a fully automated
   profitable strategy. Some of them
• Indicator and oscillator
• Moving Average , VWAP, RSI, MACD, Price action, etc�
• Candle stick, price pattern.
• Overviews of strategies.
• Intraday , swing, BTST etc
• Option based Strategies
• Multileg Strategies

• Basic python - Understand how to create a program using python and execute orders in different market conditions.
• Data type � To understand different types of data type and use them in the python code.
• Data frame � Learn data frame which is important for back testing different strategies.
• Operator � Understand all types of operator and use them to apply conditions in the python code.
• Loops � Loop is use to get some repetitive work or condition which is use for reading and manipulating data for back testing
• module � Module or libraries is inbuilt function in python which are very useful for making a robust trading system.
• Conditional statement � Use the condition to generate buying and selling signal in the python script.
• Function � Function is a set of multiple condition and calculation which is using to build a trading system
• Exceptional handling /file handling � Use to handle function and exception situation in the live trading system
• OOPS � To execute and build an automated robust algo trading platform to execute different strategies

Project 2 � To get practical knowledge about building trading system and implement strategies. Learn practical methods to create trading strategies in Algo software
Provide assignments after completion of each topic to get better understanding

Numpy � Numpy is very important library of python for calculation and manipulation data in the form of array.
Pandas � Pandas is useful for handling data frame and index format data which is very use full for back testing strategies on the large number of data.
Matplotlib � Analysis and visualization of data in the form of graph and chart using python. Help full to find pattern and variance on the large number of data.
Data analysis / pre-processing � Learn how to clean and analysis of data using python to build a profitable strategy.

• Understand different types of technical analysis using TA-lib library of python.
• Backtrader and VectorBT � Understand python library to back test trading strategy
• Back testing framework � Understand full back testing code in python and put different condition and pattern on it.
• Generate Trading Signal � Use python code to generate trading signal on historical data
• Generate trading report � Generate trading report to evaluate which strategy is more profitable with max drawdown.
• Analysis trading Report � Analysis different trading report of strategies and choose the most profitable and suitable one.
• Optimization and Risk Management � optimize strategy to put different condition and scenario and find the optimal among them.

Project 2 -Explore different Algo trading methodologies , Learn how to create different trading strategies. Understand Risk Management in Algorithmic Trading

• Introduction to rule base trading -Get acquaintance with advantages and drawbacks of algorithmic trading
• Broker API integration with python �
• Creating API Apps for trading
• Trading via API
• Fetching trading account data via API
• Automat trading -Understand how to create a program and execute orders in different market traders
• Introduction to Third Party Trading Software � Tradetron,Fyers and Sensibull
• Statistics For Financial Market
• Machine Learning for Quantitative Trading Using Python

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