Stock market course
Certified Pro Trader (CPT)

Certified Pro Trader is a program which grooms you into a Professional Trader. This program is designed particularly for people who want to take Professional Stock Trading as a career.
Professional Trading has totally changed. Nowadays, it is about ALGO & High Frequency Trading. This program is much more and beyond the ordinary skills that most institutes teach you. ICFM trains you in an High end Technology Environment where you get Hands On experience on Advance Trading + Trading Strategies. You learn trading strategies used by Pro Traders and apply those strategies during 2 month internship period.
Certified Pro Trader provides you training in Indian Market ( NSE & BSE, MCX ) .
This program is designed to suit the need of the market where the student though ever theoretical knowledge but can’t apply in the live maket. This gives the student the mental ability to act like in a real trading world.

Major Constituents of the Program :

Advanced Technical analysis, Advanced Option Strategies, Arbitrage Techniques, Exposure to Delta Trading, Pair Trading, ALGO Trading and analysis in International Markets.
ICFM is a place where StockMarket Institute=JOB and we deliver cutting edge training with the objective of Learn Trading = Money + JOB.

what is the difference between Six month CPT and Four Month CPT Prog.

Six month Prog is recomended for Job seekers who want to make a career in profession stock market trading field with Pro desk or Stockbrokers like share india,Motilal oswal etc..and Four month prog is recommended for those who want to learn proffesional trading for self trading.

What if a student want to learn CPT in Real Money

CPT course is also offered in real money ,and you can learn all the proffesional trading secrets and can become a certified Proffessional Trader in stock market for self trading and for Industry .If you want to opt CPT in realmoney then you should join which is offered in real money and money is offered by ICFM and you can learn all the tricks of professional trading For joining into this course please contact ICFM Counselors.

Course Roadmap

Equity Trading is the foundation of your trading knowledge. We start from scratch and acquaint you with the basics of Stock Market, as to How to Trade, How to pick the stocks for trading...Read more

The Idea behind Technical Analysis is to know the psychology of the market by looking at the price charts. Technical analysis is a broader subject which require practice as there can be confusing patterns in the market which although make you believe that you have spotted the right pattern but when you actually take the trade the market proves you wrong. This unique program which is exclusively offered by ICFM is designed to make you market ready. The USP of the program is that candidates can actually apply what they have learned in Technical analysis...Read more

Derivatives market is considered as the most risky market since in this market traders can take maximum exposure with limited own funds, hence the risk of loss increases and so does the chances of profits. It is imperative to have professional knowledge about derivatives and especially if you are looking to trade in Options Market. This Program is designed to give you in-depth knowledge of derivatives market and most importantly the confidence to trade in derivatives market...Read more

This crash course is for who understand Equity Trading and do it through their own trading account and want to extend their trading into commodity trading. Though it is a short crash course, still it is comprehensive enough to deliver all the requisite knowledge of commodity trading...Read more

ICFM is the exclusive training partner of Bearstreet trading floor, ICFM do not earns any brokerage or incentives from any brokers. ICFM only provides educational and training courses without any brokerage commission arrangements.