Certified Technical Analyst

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Certified Technical Analyst

The Idea behind Technical Analysis is to know the psychology of the market by looking at the price charts. Technical analysis is a broader subject which require practice as there can be confusing patterns in the market which although make you believe that you have spotted the right pattern but when you actually take the trade the market proves you wrong. This unique program which is exclusively offered by ICFM is designed to make you market ready. The USP of the program is that candidates can actually apply what they have learned in Technical analysis.
The structure of the program Is such that candidates initially acquire the knowledge on Technical Analysis Concepts and then get to apply those concepts on the live market during the complete market hours.
Under this program, We prepare candidates for Certificate in Technical Analysis Program and afterwards the candidates are required to undergo live market training where the duration of the class extend to 6 hours that is during the complete market hours, this gives the candidates the confidence to trade in the live market on the basis of concepts which he/she have acquired during the classroom program in Certificate in Technical Analysis Program.
How the classes are structured in this program?
Initially the class duration will be of 1.5hr to 2hr on weekdays for 1 to 1.5 months afterwards the candidates undergo live market training where the class time extends to 6 hrs on weekdays.
What is the Course Coverage in this Program?
For detailed syllabus you can check Certificate in Technical Analysis Program.

ICFM is the exclusive training partner of Bearstreet trading floor, ICFM do not earns any brokerage or incentives from any brokers. ICFM only provides educational and training courses without any brokerage commission arrangements.