Certified Derivatives Trader

Certified derivative Trader

Derivative market

Derivatives market is considered as the most risky market since in this market traders can take maximum exposure with limited own funds, hence the risk of loss increases and so does the chances of profits.
It is imperative to have professional knowledge about derivatives and especially if you are looking to trade in Options Market. This Program is designed to give you in-depth knowledge of derivatives market and most importantly the confidence to trade in derivatives market.
We understand that gaining knowledge on some subject is one thing and applying that knowledge in the practical aspect is different thing. Certified Derivatives Traders Program is designed to make you market ready, it is the only program where you will be trained during the complete market hours, and this gives you the edge to trade in Derivatives markets

What is the broad Coverage in Certified Derivatives Trader Program ?
In addition to the curriculum Covered in Certificate in Derivatives market the Certified Derivates Trader Program covers the following topics;

  • Pricing of options in different market situations
  • How to make decision regarding which type of option is best in different market situation
  • How to use bull spread and bear spread with maximum efficiency and perfect timing
  • Using Straddle and its pricing
  • Pricing and trading butterfly strategies: skip butterfly, butterfly spread, iron butterfly
  • Pricing and trading box strategy
  • Pricing and trading Condor Strategy
  • Pricing and trading Delta Heding
  • Bank nifty Arbitrage
  • Basket trading,
  • Using trading platforms; NEAT, NOW, ODIN, AlGO
ICFM is the exclusive training partner of Bearstreet trading floor, ICFM do not earns any brokerage or incentives from any brokers. ICFM only provides educational and training courses without any brokerage commission arrangements.