Training in Indian Stock Market

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Interested in trading? Do you dream of being a part of the ,stock market as a pro trader?
If yes, CPT Plus is for you!

CPT Plus is a first-of-its-kind trading course from India's leading share Market institute in the field of Financial Market. The course offers a practical hands-on learning opportunity for all would-be stock market investors and traders.
Our course extensively focuses on helping you understand and learn the integrated strategies, tricks, and latest software used by traders. All of this is in real-time! It means that you will sit on the live trading desk from Day 1 along with seasoned traders. You will learn to handle the company's money, manage risks and acquire pragmatic learning. No exams, no mugging theoretical concepts, and most of all, you do not have to invest or risk your money to gain this knowledge.
The course is brought to you by ICFM, a unit of Career Pro Ventures Limited, an institute with a 12-year-old invincible reputation. It is a one-stop solution for Learning and Grooming market traders, brokers, investors, and more. We deliver the training with the teachers having experience of more than 15 years. Our main objective is to train and groom upcoming professional traders in the stock market with practical knowledge.
CPT Plus offers a comprehensive training experience for traders that is far more than traditional educational models. It is a real-money trading using the most modern-day live trading platforms for the market, but that's not the only part of the story. Our program also offers personalized one-on-one mentorship throughout the way, and with incentive programs for profit sharing, we help participants to make money from learning and earning.
Get the adrenaline rush of trading with prop desks at our trade floor in which you'll get hands-on experience as well as multiple certificates in the field of trading on the stock market. With our guarantee of job placement your new knowledge could open doors to new career options in the finance sector! Select CPT Plus for an engaging learning experience which prepares you for a successful career in the real financial markets!


  • Learning opportunities direct from experienced professional traders
  • 100% real-time and practical training
  • Brain Storming Session with Directors and some leading Brokers and Traders.
  • Individual Attention ( Not more than 10 students in a batch)
  • Mentorship under the experts' guidance.
  • Trading on live account
  • Library Facilities
  • PG Facilities

Our Process

  • Step 1

    Request for course details

  • Step 2

    Session with Course Counsellor

  • Step 3

    Interview with management

  • Step 4

    Acceptance of application

  • Step 5

    Payment of Admission Fee

1) Who Can Join : Anyone interested in trading or the stock market is eligible for this course. training, CPT Plus is for you. You can apply if you are a Graduate, Post Graduate MBA, Working Professionals, Under Graduate, Housewives, etc.. [Under Graduates and housewives Will have To Clear Eligibility Test Given By ICFM .

2) 100% JOB Guaranteed : Get intriguing data jobs at leading organizations.

3) TRADING SOFTWARES : The CPT Plus course offered by ICFM provides you training with the most latest trading software such as Automated, Low Latency, Co-location API, HFT, 2leg, 3 legs 6 leg Strategies on IOC & Bidding Software .

4) Real Funds for Trading : 6 Lakh Rupees Funded account will be provided by ICFM Stock Market Institute to the students.

5) Earning while on training : When Students earn profits in their funded account then profit will be shared between ICFM and students. It will start from 30% to 80% of the net profit. During training

6) Simulator training : Students will be provided with a simulator software. It will help those students facing difficulty in real money trading.

7) Job assurance : Every students will be provided a professional training regarding software, certifications, professional attitude, working with different teams. This will help them to clear and get a good job in the industry. ICFM has strong tie-ups with market leaders of stock market like = Share India, Motilal Oswal, CNB, Bonanza Etc.

Course Director: Mr. Harish Mata

Course Highlights

Trading in real money involves using actual currency to acquire and dispose of financial assets. As with any investment venture, it carries real financial risk and reward and requires market trends and economic indicators analysis. Successful traders navigating market changes require knowledge, strategy, and risk management skills as they adapt effectively.

Mentorship provides one-to-one guidance and support from an experienced individual in any particular field or skill. It provides tailored advice, feedback, and encouragement that help mentees grow professionally and personally. Furthermore, mentoring fosters learning, growth, and confidence, thereby contributing to the achievement of goals and aspirations.

A full-time program entails consistently dedicating oneself to a comprehensive course of study or work, typically during regular business hours. It offers immersive learning or employment experiences, allowing participants to focus entirely on their chosen academic, professional, or vocational pursuits for sustained periods.

Live market trading platform offers live access to the financial markets, which allows users to buy and sell securities like bonds, stocks or currencies as well as commodities. It provides live market information, tools for charting as well as the ability to execute orders, which allows traders to make educated decisions and complete trades quickly.

"Earn While You Learn" offers participants the opportunity to profit from their learning efforts through profit sharing incentives. As individuals engage in educational or training programs, they also receive a share of the profits generated, incentivizing continuous learning and skill development while earning financial rewards simultaneously.

Proprietary trading desks, also known as prop desks are floors for trading in which financial institutions, such as hedge funds or banks, make use of funds they have invested to buy and sell financial securities. They employ traders to make trades in order to earn profits for the business. Prop desks usually specialize in particular markets or strategies, with the aim to profit from opportunities in the market.

"Multiple Certifications in the Stock Market" refers to obtaining various certifications related to stock trading and investment. These certifications may cover topics such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading strategies. ex=
1. NISM Certification 2. BFSI Certification

Job placement guarantees provide participants with confidence and assurance when investing time and resources into professional development, knowing there will be employment prospects in their desired field upon graduation.

ICFM is the exclusive training partner of Bearstreet trading floor, ICFM do not earns any brokerage or incentives from any brokers. ICFM only provides educational and training courses without any brokerage commission arrangements.